The Centre for Sexualities, AIDS & Gender at the University of Pretoria works with learners in secondary schools to promote comprehensive sexualities education (CSE); to reduce gender-based violence, sexual harassment and stigma and discrimination; and to advance social justice education. SA’s Department of Education has committed to the provision of CSE in schools. However, the curriculum faces strong resistance. This project works with teachers and learners from six township schools around Pretoria, establishing social justice hubs to promote CSE and reduce stigma and discrimination related to gender and sexualities.

This project follows these steps:

  • Asset-mapping exercises to ascertain what resources are currently dedicated to CSE in schools and what is needed, based on direct insights and experiences of learners and teachers;
  • Based on the results of this exercise, co-creating educational materials with learners and teachers that address the gaps in knowledge specifically around CSE and social justice
  • Convening health and wellness days in each of the six schools to advance CSE and to empower learners and teachers in transformative social justice

The project is supported by the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives.