A hard life in a hard Lockdown

by Belinda Pakati Growing up with my friends, we used to play games just to keep ourselves outdoors and enjoy the school holidays. One of the games we used to play is Statue. One person shouted “statue” and everyone would stand still. No movement was allowed until the very same person who shouted “statue” …. […]

REVIEW: A magnifying glass and a fine-tooth comb: Understanding adolescent girls’ and young women’s sexual vulnerability

By Naomi Webster (Human Rights Commission) Fictional characters come alive, not as words in books but in our imagination as readers. A young girl who, against all odds, triumphs over adversity becomes the story we applaud because we favour a happy ending. For experts like Prof Mzi Nduna, any story of girls and young women […]

Empowered to please my man: (Post)feminist discourses in contemporary romantic comedies

by Elize Soer As fears related to the coronavirus COVID-19 have risen, so have the number of Netflix subscribers. Countries around the world have imposed various stages of ‘lockdown’ and since more affluent people have been spending an increased amount of time at home, the American media-services provider Netflix has grown in popularity.[1] One of […]